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Six Approaches To Abstracting The Figure

Six Approaches To Abstracting The Figure


Taught by Melinda Cootsona

MAY 19th, 20th, 21st, 2017
10am to 3pm

Location: Carlsbad, California
at the Live Your Art Studio

Workshop Fee $550

Based on her popular eCourse of the same name, this PlayShop will focus on six different Approaches to abstracting figurative work.  

  1. Abstraction Within The Form
  2. Flattening
  3. Pattern and Collage
  4. Exaggeration • Distortion
  5. Cropping
  6. Fractured • Deconstructed

Students will  be presented with a bit of art history and inspiring images of artists who currently work with these methods. Many artists working today use combinations of these concepts in their work. Melinda will present several 'WAYS IN' as to how you might apply these Approaches in you own work.

This is your chance to work with Melinda in person where she will guide each student, individually, helping them integrate these Approaches into their own painting process.

The goal is for every student to discover new and exciting ways to create abstracted imagery that can become integrated and personal in their own work.

Students should have some experience with drawing the figure. You do not need to be an expert by any means, but you will get more out of this class if you have worked with the figure before attending.

Students should have a working knowledge of their medium. Oil or acrylic paint are acceptable.  (Melinda personally works with oil paint.) Class size is limited to 10.

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