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Expressive Art Workshop #1: Freedom Painting

Expressive Art Workshop #1: Freedom Painting

Expressive Arts Painting workshops are designed to help you let go limiting your beliefs. Let go of your beliefs about yourself and your ability to be creative. We teach you to be able to paint freely. Dive deep within yourself to find inspiration by connecting with your creative spirit. Express yourself through painting from an intuitive place.

You may take each painting workshop independent of each other.  However, it is ideal to take the full series, as each workshop builds on the previous. These workshops may be take separately. However, you will get the most out of the experience by enjoying the intention design that will help move you to a more comfortable and creative space in your own life.

In this segment you will identify your perspectives on attachment, and learn how to let that go in order to free up your creative energy.  You will learn about non-attachment.  You will experience how to release your inner critic in order to allow you to paint freely and expressively.

By taking these workshops you will:

  1. Remove your inner critic and negative self talk
  2. Release your fears
  3. Feel the healing benefits of creating art
  4. Gain more control by letting go of control
  5. Free your creative nature to explore new horizons

Art and Movement becomes the non-verbal language by which we speak the wishes and dreams of our inner Soul.   Color, form, texture and rhythm become the expressive tools that give voice to the inner desires that are always present waiting to be expressed.

No prior art experience or lessons are necessary for you to gain the benefits of these workshops.

In these painting workshops, you will move your body in order to mobilize your creativity.  You will feel music moving through you inspiring your next move, and you will be expressing yourself in color, form and texture bring forth visions and insights from your deep inner wisdom.

The following materials are included in each workshop.  

  • Two 36x36 canvases, 
  • Acrylic paint  
  • 2 Sponge brushes 
  • 2 Paint brushes   
Later Event: August 20
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