Dawn Harrison

Dawn Harrison

I am very passionate about teaching fine art principles, painting and drawing. I feel very comfortable with beginners, serious hobbyists or intermediate levels of painters. My two strongest mediums are oil and pastel, however, I am quite familiar with watercolor and acrylic. My 20 years of attending art ateliers and majoring in art in college have provided me with a very strong set of fundamentals, but truly it has been through self study, that I feel I have mastered them. I have diligently highlighted and tabbed my art books and periodicals, watched my DVD’s so often that I’ve nearly memorized the script. I believe in “do diligence” when it comes to doing all the exercises that each of my mentors recommended.

I have noticed that many newer artists, appear to sign up for a painting class, without having much (if any) background in the principles and elements that make for a successful painting. Mentoring concepts such as “Edges”, “Values”, “Depth”, Composition” and “Drawing” can sometimes draw blank stares.

So, it is with that need for a more thorough understanding of the principles that are emphasized in art school and private ateliers, that I have designed my painting classes around.

I appreciate being considered for the position of you “Painting and Drawing Instructor”

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